Thursday, May 27, 2010

Warm Days Again/ Plastics

It seems that I neglect this blog during the school year. I suppose I feel much more domestic as the weather warms and more of my focus in directed at housework rather than schoolwork.

Recently I have decided to much more consciously limit my consumption of plastics. We had eliminated plastic food storage containers, cups and dishes. I note that a couple plastic bowls saved for some reason have made it back into circulation after our metal bowls chipped. We have only one Correlle bowl left. When dropped on our concrete floors they shatter into shards and dust. I'll have to go to a second hand shop and pick up some more bowls.

I am finding that it is a challenge right now making the adjustment away from so much plastic packaging. Who knew how many of my healthy and organic foods were encased in the stuff? Very frustrating. I'll have to buy bulk foods and produce and learn to cook again. Drats. I hate cooking.

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